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My woods

The choice of material is made starting from the trunk based on the parameters given by length,
thickness and objective qualities such as the homogeneity of the “first stem” with fewest knots.

The type of trunks we process is part of the European hardwoods, namely oak, walnut and lime.

All these materials come from authorized state mountain settlements with technical characteristics of higher hardness due to the slow growth process.
The treatment of the trunk continues with the cutting, carried out in our sawmill, strictly according to the fiber. The choice of technical thicknesses is made according to the needs of the various processes.
The cut is followed by the subsequent stacking in the service area, where the material matures for approximately 6 months, to be then brought to final drying at 8% -10% in electronically controlled ovens.
At this point, the planks undergo the production process according to the technical drawing of our wood panelling, furniture, fixtures, doors and wooden floors. The processing is done with special steel cutters, built manually according to the profiles and frames that come from our tradition of restoration and antiques.

The uniqueness of the product is given by the manual processing of the separate elements, such as the satin finishing to close the pores of the wood and the natural reactions with the wood tannins that are carried out repeatedly on each individual piece.

The finishes are made with scented essences of waxes dissolved in citrus oil, in particular natural limonene, which penetrate and polish our products with natural light. The high craftsmanship of the operators and the quality of the manual intervention in the finishing phases have always characterized our productions, an indispensable factor of emotion and beauty.

Wood oxidation

The wood, after the soft manual processing, is exposed to antiquating by natural agents – water, sun, wind, rain, salt, reproduced in the form of treatments inside our laboratory.

The result is a wide spectrum of reactions of the tannins that provoke oxidation of the wood ranging from the light tones of the wood oxidized with sea water through the gray obtained with rain water, to the deep dark brown of the old wood.
Since the pigmentation is obtained from the body of the wood, all our woods can be washed with water, which will not only not alter them but will keep up the effect of aging and improve their aesthetic characteristics.
Our choice of oxidations is linked to the search for ancient techniques of “alchemy”, in order to give life to the transformation of matter, bringing out the “light” that wood already has within itself, and to transmit its emotions unaltered. The natural tannin reactions of The Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli are innumerable and range from various shades ranging from antique yellow to the medium shades of chestnut to musket brown to dark anthracite and even the grays worn by exposure to rain and sea salt.

This allows us to offer a wide choice, which can also be customized, for the final determination of the product.

Our oxidations

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