Bespoke Wall Panelings

The wall panelings in classical or contemporary design are the basis of the realization of our exclusive interiors.

The Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli realizes the wall panelings in solid wood, with tenon-mortise joints and closure with wooden nail. The panels are dry interlocked, without use of vinyl glues, within the structure thus created.

The Wood Alchemist works solid wood, as it is a product of the highest quality, as well as a guarantee of eternity for our works.

Our wall paneling decors are a genuine reproduction of the historical period which ranges from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century.

The reconstructions of historic boiseries are made by us in total respect of the structure, style, details and frames characteristic of the architecture.

. Our boiseries are made of solid walnut, oak or linden. The latter is used for the antique lacquer finish, while the other two essences undergo the oxidation process.
The oxidations, real heritage of The Wood Alchemist, allow you to achieve a wide range of wood tones. Finally, our boiseries are treated with hot hand-rolled wax that carries the scent of the wood to its natural expressive intensity.

  • Ricostruzione storica di Boiseries settecentesca in massello di tiglio, finitura in lacca antica

    Historical reconstruction of bespoke wall paneling of xviii century in hard-wood and antique lacquer finish

  • boiseries storiche pecci blunt

    Historical reconstruction of a bespoke wall paneling with lacquer, structured on two levels with balconies and internal retractable staircase

  • boiserie in lacca antica Manufatti esclusivi progettati su misura

    Traditional boiserie in antique lacquer

  • Isola per cucina classica in massello

    Classic kitchen island in solid wood

  •  Bancone Classico in massello di quercia, ossidazione naturale del legno

    Classic bar counter in solid oak, natural oxidation of the wood

  • scopri la realizzazione di progetti Design Chiavi in Mano

    Historical reconstruction of wood paneling for luxury restaurant in solid oak, natural oxidation of the wood

  • boiseries esclusive progettate nei minimi dettagli

    Detail of authentique handcrafted profile

  • Scopri le boiseries realizzati sugli infissi

    Realization of solid walnut wood paneling with coffered ceiling trusses and solid walnut window frames and bees wax finish

  • Realization of a dressing room with door and wooden floors in solid walnut

  • XVIII century wall paneling in solid linden, antique lacquer

  • scopri l'armadio realizzato in boiseries

    Wall paneling for classic luxury kitchen

  • armadio boiserie realizzato in noce

    Studio-wall paneling in solid wood and lacquer

Exclusive custom-designed artifacts

The Wood Alchemist realizes your unique, unrepeatable, tailor-made luxury interiors!

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