We built the new factory in 1990.

The wood is exclusively from European species, sourced from mountain settlements, with higher hardness specifications due to the slow growth process.

The area is very suitable for woodwork since it is rich in sustainable planted forests situated in a 90% mountainous area.

Therefore, the choice of the area and the type of forest is of crucial importance, as well as the attention to the sustainability of the territory selected for cutting.

Covering an area of 3,800 square meters, the factory has 4 large conventional dryers of 60 mc each and a vacuum dryer of 7 mc, which allow for higher availability of materials with superb technical characteristics.

The company has trucks to transport the logs and the production.

The employees of The Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli provide an important production capacity, while remaining in the art and crafts context.

Our factory is a meeting point of time and the true matter.

From The Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli the hand-made industry is reborn where the man is placed in the centre – an artisan passionate about his work in the relativity of time that allows creating on a human scale.