My story

My passion for wood started at a very young age when I lived in Viareggio on the waterfront and near a canal which, once crossed over a small bridge, led me to that magical and mysterious place that was the Vecchia Darsena (the Old Dock) for me.

Back then, the yards of the Calafatti were in full swing. It was from there that I got the scraps of wood with which I constructed miniature boats and objects, the purpose of which was known only to me.

In my memory are still etched in an indelible manner the dazzling warm sunshine and the smell from the resinous wood of the maritime pine from which the boats were made.

Painting is also a big passion for me. I used coloured pencils and those big pens which painted red, green, blue or black depending on the button I pushed. I remember getting up early in the morning to paint with pleasure animals, plants and the magic of the world around me.

In order not to disturb this sensitivity with the interference of school discipline, my mother, a teacher in Latin, decided to not send me to school but to provide my elementary education herself.

Her father, granddad Augusto was a man of exceptional intelligence. He was a pioneer of the automobile industry and has registered in his lifetime more than 100 patents, the most famous among which is the ”brown coal carburetor” which, in the years after the war, was searching to resolve the transport problems due to the shortage of naphtha. After the Torino factory was destroyed by the bombings, he relocated to Versilia where he established a new laboratory in Viareggio.

This was the magical place where, after a run in his Alfa convertible, he loved to take me. It was there that I stood ecstatic in front of the eucalypt models painted in dark red which served for making the iron casting.

At present, the experiences of the past 30 years have finally made me aware of the special relationship I had with those important people in my life and of the creative charge which had sent me like a fountain of life, like a dream without boundaries, in search of this living and sensitive matter that wood is for me.

A material to love with no hesitation or compromise, to research until all traces and signs which transform life into magic and the material into an inseparable part of your body are recovered.

Those wonderful years have given me a world made of emotion and freedom, a freedom that I still keep intact inside me.

I have always looked for and found in the objects of nature the secret language of the colours; in the worn architecture – the noble sign of the passing of time and of the hands of men who have created shapes and symmetries, shadow and light. I have always stored deep inside the materials of lime walls, crooked and damp, stained by humidity, the wood of the old floors and that brought from the sea. There were also the branches in the garden that I planed and shined with shark skin, like a precious secret to be absolutely cherished.

Thus, parallel with my studies, I began collecting recycled building materials taken from the landfills: coffered ceilings, old beams, hundred-year old wooden floors, doors, stones and everything that, by the power of material and colour, stimulated my sensitivity.

From all this was born the desire to share with the world my ‘Secret garden” through the marketing of what I love to call ‘my woods’. My approach that respects but also goes beyond the purely commercial aspect, favouring rather the search for emotions that are now so rare and therefore so precious.

My production has always been directed at the hand-made and never at traditional carpentry. So I started the production of hand-scraped wooden floors and simultaneously began the research, which continues to this day, of tannin reactions.

Of course, the raw material – the wood, primarily oak, was then, like it is now, sourced from sustainable forests and never from natural ones.

Since then the company has been steadily and continuously growing.