The idea of using the reactions of the tannins in an absolutely natural way and not through a synthetic coating is connected with the need to enhance the internal life of the wood without affecting its characteristics with a treatment which might, if not made with aggressive chemical veneer, not achieve the desired durability. Hence the research of ancient “alchemy” techniques, in order to give life to the transformation of the material, to bring to the surface the “light” that the wood carries inside and to transmit unaltered its emotions. The “Tannin reaction” is obtained through “reaction” of the tannin to absolutely non-toxic natural substances.

Of course the time factor, the concentration and the combination of the different elements in different ways allow us to achieve an end result of varying shades ranging from antique yellow to the medium shades of chestnut to musket brown to dark anthracite and even the grays worn by exposure to rain and sea salt.

At present, while continuing with our research, we have defined 14 natural variations/reactions of tannin.

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