The beauty and the harmony of materials brings about wellbeing. This is the unchanging force of nature. The man, through the wisdom, can mold the nature and recreate the pleasure of shapes, of smells, of touch.

Biology and chemistry change the wood through man’s hand. The art of cutting and shaping carves out the forms. Through this process we don’t simply make furniture but rather we create environments, following a lifestyle, a modus vivendi that leads to wellbeing.

The Wood Alchemist – Simone Catselli is not a furniture store; it is not a timber factory, it is not a wood craftsman, nor is it a furniture factory.

The Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli is an idea, a lifestyle, an experience and a journey through which one can attain wellbeing and beauty.

Entering the world of Eleonora and Simone means stepping into the harmony of nature and of the materials, the aesthetic of living which becomes an aesthetics of being.

A journey to make, an experience to live. Welcome!